A  workshop concert of Intuitive Music and More, performed at St. Peter, Cologne, Germany conducted by Markus Stockhausen.

Markus Stockhausen and the musicans of the workshop concert of Intuitive Music couple music, meditation and metapphysic. They gives the philosophy of his father the great avant-garde composer Karl –Heinz Stockhausen – a further personal note and continue his way.

Musicians: Vanessa Vieto, vocal / Frank Ebeling, vocal, electronics / Stephanie Lepp, flutes, bansuri / Trevor Brown, alto sax, flute / Karsten Gaul, flute, tenor sax, recitation / Michael Lohmann, tenor sax / Juri de Marco, french horn / Anne Krickeberg, cello / Sabine Melchiori, bass / Volkmar Müller, keyboards / Thomas Becker, piano / Valerie Kohlmetz, percussion, electronics / Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, flugelhorn

Camera: Rainer und Leo Friedrich
Editor:  Tilman Waegner