– a sucesss story in green aviation.

Since 2008 the ecoDESIGN partnership has been implementing new sustainable process guidance, production and recycling concepts as part of the European Union’s Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative or civil aviation.

The goal: ecologically efficient aircraft and thus a sustainable approach to earth’s finite resources. The EU requirements in this field are clear, for example in the White Paper on (smart and green) Transport and the eco Innovation Initiative. . The Eco Design integration development on the Clean Sky Initiative provides European aircraft manufacturers and their suppliers with the appropriate platform by giving developers and designers assessment methods and criteria in order to make sustainable and competitive aviation stronger in the future.

An aeroplane is in service for 25 years on average, a generation. Scrapping that from today’s point of view is simply a complete waste.Eco-Design – in other words sustainable, ecological, social and economic use of all the aircraft life resources – is one of the cornerstones of the Clean Sky Initiative. Eco Design demands a recycling scheme in accordance with modern End of Life Management. For greener aviation parts, new materials and advanced processes are consolidated into Life Cycle Inventories. These are the genes of greener manufacturing excellence as well as higher and more efficient production levels. The use strategy, maintenance and green repair are essential for next long life structures and on-board systems efficiency.To this end, via eco DESIGN a unique materials database has been developed and implemented in co-operation with all the relevant stakeholders in the industry.